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EVERISE: First successes

Their first album "Say goodbye to the old times", then still under the previous name "The GIFT", takes listeners on a journey full of the energy and emotions of the band that have accompanied them since childhood. EVERISE presents an impressive range of creative arrangements of powerful rock anthems to soulful ballads. EVERISE combines genres in an unforgettable way. 

The core band members Luca Fröch (guitar & vocals), Nico Huber (drums & vocals) and Luca Kleisz (piano & vocals) bring their individual musical backgrounds and influences to the band, resulting in a creative explosion.

EVERISE is always writing and recording new songs. Their 
single "Late Night Summervibe" which they released with a music video not only reflects the musical competence of the band, but also their ability to translate emotions into gripping lyrics. 

EVERISE's previous live audiences have been amazed. The band managed to seamlessly transfer the studio quality of their recordings to the stage and create a rousing atmosphere that captivates the audience.

What's more, EVERISE Live is supported by the great bass player Michi Bauer.

KPop Konzertbühne mit Beleuchtung

The Musicians behind the Band

We are: 

Luca Froech Gitarre

Luca Fröch

Singer, Guitar

Luca Fröch (2006) is in the Band since its beginning. As the lead guitarrist he brings a lot of responsibility for leading the band to its success.
Luca is also the producer of the band and has an own studio for recording, mixing and mastering. 

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Luca Kleisz Piano

Luca Kleisz

Singer, Pianist, Bassist

Without Luca Kleisz (2007) the band would be incomplete.
He joined the Band in February 2022. He fitted in and since then the chemistry is perfect.

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Nico Huber Drums

Nico Huber

Singer, Drummer

Nico Huber (2006) is also an charter member of the band.
As the drummer he has one of the most important jobs in the band and is responsible for the groove of all of the Hits.
Nico has a Solo Project with rapping (Nicci Bear).

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