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This song will be available in February 2024.
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The Austrian band EVERISE is conquering the music scene with its unique dynamics, 
captivating melodies and powerful rhythms.

Under the former name "The GIFT", their first album "Say goodbye to the old times" presented an impressive range of creative arrangements, from rock anthems to soulful ballads. 

The core band members Luca Fröch, Nico Huber and Luca Kleisz bring their individual musical backgrounds, creating a creative explosion. 
EVERISE, seamlessly transfers the studio quality to the stage and thrills the audience with 
thrilling live performances.

With the single "Late Night Summervibe", they not only demonstrate their musical expertise, but also their ability to transform profound emotions into gripping lyrics. The band is planning to release new songs in 2024. 
This production will be supported by a renowned producer. 
Some live shows will also be announced soon. With positive reviews and a growing fan base, EVERISE is striving to push the boundaries of the music world. 

EVERISE stands for innovation, passion and an unforgettable musical experience. 

Luca Kleisz Concert Triebwerk Wiener Neustadt
Nico Huber Concert Amtshaus Eggendorf
Luca Fröch Concert Loop Wien


Late Night Summervibe with Music Video

Small Clip of our new song

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Live Perfomance:

Live Shows

EVERISE played several live shows, in which they created an breathtaking atmosphere for the crowd.

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