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EVERISE Reigen live
EVERISE Live Loop Vienna 2023
EVERISE Luca Froech Live Amtshaus Eggendorf


The Band from Austria with the unique sound


The music scene is experiencing a groundbreaking revolution thanks to the up-and-coming austrian band EVERISE. With a unique combination of captivating melodies, powerful rhythms and profound lyrics, EVERISE have firmly established themselves in the industry.


The core band members Luca Fröch - 2006 (guitar & vocals), Nico Huber - 2006 (drums & vocals) and Luca Kleisz - 2007 (piano & vocals) bring their individual musical backgrounds and influences to the band, resulting in a creative explosion. 


EVERISE's previous live performances have amazed audiences. The band manages to seamlessly transfer the studio quality of their recordings to the stage, creating a captivating atmosphere, that captivates the audience. 
In addition, EVERISE Live is supported by the great bassist Michi Bauer.


With already positive reviews from renowned musician colleagues, producers etc. and a steadily growing fan base, EVERISE is on its way to bust the boundaries of the music world. The band stands for Innovation, passion and an unforgettable musical experience!

Festival Crowd

Some of our next Gigs

25th July: Szene Wien, Vienna


27th July: Noisy Sunfestival, Piesting

3rd August: G5, Vienna

24th August: Bürgermeistergarten, 

                       Wr. Neustadt

4th October: Loop, Vienna

9th November: Music Night, Pernitz

30th November: Amtshaus, Eggendorf

Other Gigs will follow soon!

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